Recovery of Printed Circuits


Apart from its wide range of services related to the recovery of industrial waste, Metalgo also offers recovery and recycling of printed circuits. Metalgo offers larger suppliers a collection service and proper waste management.

In particular, the company provides a specialized service for the recovery of printed circuits from the manufacturing processes of industries that are active in electronics and circuits. The company operates in accordance with all the provisions contained in the existing waste disposal regulations for recycling. Metalgo , guarantees quality and professionalism. The company is an important partner for those who need to dispose of these products but want to be able to rely on a serious company that has a safe and reliable processing system.


Metalgo offers a collection and recovery service to major producers throughout the Italian territory. Materials generated during the production of printed circuits are collected from suppliers. In particular:
molded circuit boards,
drilling powders,
copper foil (sheet copper),
sheet aluminum,
tin alloys,
special steel tips.
Do not hesitate to contact for more details about the services we provide and to obtain free quotes for any type of recovery and disposal of materials that we may be authorized to collect and process.
E-mail us at metalgosrl@libero.itdispose if you need to dispose of your electronic cards.
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